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Get unique cover letters created in minutes


Provide your details and job description​


Watch as AI instantly creates your cover letter


Get more interviews thanks to original applications

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Our main benefits


You'll get a unique cover letter,

not a copied template

High speed

It'll take up to 20 seconds to actually generate your letter


Your skills will be easily matched with the job description

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How it works


Provide your details

We’ll need your contact details and important info, like skills and work experience, to use in the cover letter and show that you’re a perfect candidate.


Provide the job details

We’ll need info about the job you’re applying for, like title and requirements, to use in the cover letter and match with your skills and experience.


Get a unique cover letter

As soon as you provide the necessary info, it’ll take our AI creator up to 20 seconds to generate the cover letter and show it to you.  Then you just apply and wait for interview invitation.

Why do users like Coverler?

"It writes way better than I did myself before!"

I’m still amazed that cover letters can be generated, not written by a person. It saves so much valuable time.

Camille Totenhem_edited.png

Camilla Dewport 



"Awesome if you're a tech person and not into writing "​

I got laid off from Meta and had to act fast. Thanks to Coverler I could apply to 7 positionsthe next day. "

Jimmy Wong_edited.png

David Wong

Frontend Developer


Coverler helps me apply to many places at once"

It the current recession you have to be quick – so I apply to 10-15 positions weekly to increase my chances.

Gabriela Lopez_edited.png

Consuela Aparicio

Sales Manager

  • Are your cover letters effective?
    Yes, because AI database contains thousands of most effective cover letters in the world and resulted in the job offers from companies like Wallmart, Doordash, Amazon, Meta and many more.
  • Do you save my cover letters?
    Yes, letters are saved for 1 year. You can access your cover letters in your personal account, but nobody else will ever see them. We never copy cover letters or share them with anyone.
  • Is it safe to pay on your website?
    It’s absolutely safe to pay on Coverler. All payments are processed by Wix Payments and your info is encrypted.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. Just contact us at and we'll be happy to assist.
  • Can I get my money back?
    Yes, you can. Coverler has a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the letter, contact us at within 7 days after making your payment and we’ll give you a full refund.

Ready to find your dream job?

Automate the job search and send customized cover letters 

with every application

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